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Course Date Time No. of Hours Course Fee Type
Anatomy Foundation Course - Abdomen, Pelvis and Pelvic Floor - Functions and Dysfunctions April 17 & 18, 2021 12:00 PM - 02:30 PM 5 ₹ 4500 Online (LIVE)
Certified Prenatal Fitness Specialist Course Announcing shortly - - - -
Diastasis Recti April 17 & 18, 2021

April 24 & 25, 2021
02:30 PM - 04:00 PM

12:00 PM - 04:00 PM
12 ₹ 10000 Online (LIVE)
Course on Labor Announcing shortly - - - -
Course on Lactation Announcing shortly - - - -

Anatomy Foundation Course- Abdomen, Pelvis and Pelvic Floor - Functions and Dysfunctions

Course Description: The course is divided into three sections.


  • The course includes skeletal system and muscular system of anterior and posterior abdominal wall with brief introduction to involved fascia.
  • Surface Anatomy of bones and joints of Abdomen.
  • Origin, Insertion, functions and applied anatomy of each involved muscle.
  • Fascial connections and utilising those in exercise programming.


  • Learn surface anatomy of pelvis
  • Learn muscles crossing pelvis in all the planes
  • Learn muscles Origin, Insertion, Functions and Applied Anatomy
  • Synergy between breathing and sacral movements
  • Important ligaments around Pelvis which supports pregnancy

Pelvic floor muscles (PFM)

A very important muscle of Pelvis which forms the bottom most part Core Canister.

  • Learn the attachments of PFM and how it affects the core strength during pregnancy and after child birth.
  • Importance of PFM in fitness for women.
  • Biomechanical aspects will be discussed.
  • Fascial connections and utilising those in exercise programming.


A very important muscle of posterior abdominal wall which forms the top most part Core Canister.

  • Muscle attachments and functions
  • Types of breathing
  • Synergism between Diaphragm and Pelvic Floor Muscles

This is a prerequisite course for all our women's health and courses such as Diastasis Recti Course Module 1 and 2, Prenatal Fitness course, Postnatal fitness, Postpartum rehab courses, Urinary incontinence Rehab.



Certificate course on Prenatal Fitness

Course Objectives: The participants will learn:

  • Understand the principles and general exercise guidelines of exercises during pregnancy.
  • Step by step guide of exercise programming during pregnancy.
  • Learn the anatomical and physiological changes of Pregnancy in all three trimesters and its impact on musculoskeletal system and hence on posture.
  • Physiology of pregnancy hormones, effects of these hormones joints, muscles, ligaments and fascial connections.

  • Physiological effects of pregnancy on various systems of body.
  • Learn about various red flags, contraindications, anatomical considerations and movement adaptations in all the trimesters of pregnancy birth with a focus on promoting functional activities.
  • Use of small equipments or props
  • Focus on PFM engagement and relaxation.

Prerequisite: Anatomy foundation course (Abdomen, Pelvis and Pelvic Floor Muscles- Functions, Dysfunctions and applied Anatomy) as a prerequisite.

Course on Diastasis Recti

Assessment | Exercise Prescription | Treatment | Recovery | Maintenance

Course Description: The course is divided into two modules

Module 1

  • Occurrence and Pathomechanics.
  • Anatomy of trunk (Anterior and posterior abdominal wall) and fascia.
  • Realign Rectus Abdominis muscle.

  • Correlation between Transverses Abdominis, Pelvic floor muscle and healing.
  • Biomechanical mal-alignments related to spine, pelvis and hip during pregnancy & its direct relation to Diastasis Recti.
  • Deep stabilizers, global mobilizers its importance & activation.
  • Exercise planning, progression, sequencing and modification.

Module 2

  • Role of fascia
  • Principle of loading
  • Functional training

Prerequisite: Anatomy foundation course- Abdomen, Pelvis and Pelvic Floor Muscles- Functions, Dysfunctions and applied Anatomy.



Certificate Course on Labor

Course Description: Labor is a physically and mentally challenging process that can be made more comfortable and memorable if we have the right tools and strategies to optimise it. The course on labor is about understanding three important things: the passage - the Pelvis, the passenger - the Baby and the pelvic stations - Pelvic inlet and Pelvic outlet.

Course Objectives: Our toolbox comprises of,

  • Brief introduction on labor and it stages.
  • Cardinal movements of labor and its importance.
  • Different presentations of foetus and how to make more room for the baby to snuggle in!
  • Occipital posterior, breech presentations and other lies and how positioning of mother helps baby to flip.
  • The right move: Maternal positioning at different stages of labor to optimise it and shorten the duration of labor using body mechanics.
  • Breathing: The right thing at right time makes all the difference, so learn how breathing helps to ease the process of labor.

Certificate course on Lactation

Course Description: Most of the new moms are scared and anxious when it comes to breast feed their new born babies. This course will make you more equipped to deal with lactation challenges and also will give you a more scientific view on this natural process of breast feeding.

Course Objectives:

  • Brief outline of anatomy of breast and physiology of breast milk production.
  • Composition of breast milk- fore milk and hind milk.
  • Helping your client's baby to latch and delatch.
  • Signs of effective latching.
  • Ergonomically correct positions for breastfeeding.
  • Burping positions of baby.
  • Common breastfeeding challenges and its management.
    • Sore and cracked nipples
    • Inverted or flat nipples
    • Breast engorgement
    • Mastitis
  • Expressing and storing milk.
  • Some tips on,
    • Feeding cues
    • Relief of breast fullness
    • Nutrition of mother - a brief note