Pilates for sports

Many elite sportsmen and women around the world do Pilates to improve their sports and athletic performance. For an athlete, either professional or recreational, it’s always important to improve his/her personal best. A strong core, good posture, efficient breathing and body control is very important if you are a runners, golfers, swimmers, footballer, athlete or a dancer and Pilates gives you all.

How can Pilates exercise improve sports or athletic performance?

  • It develops an athlete’s core which provides more agility, increases strength and flexibility.
  • Maintaining good postural alignment in standing is challenging but to maintain good posture while walking, running or sporting is very difficult. Pilates provides body awareness and teaches about correct alignment of pelvis in relation to spine and shoulder complex so that sports activity can take place in optimal postural alignment.

  • Pilates increases muscular balance and coordination and develops the entire musculature evenly, even the ankle and foot muscles.
  • It helps prevent injuries on field or on court and beneficial for sports specific training.
  • It is an add-on tool in sports physiotherapy and sports specific rehabilitation.

At REVIVE, a personalized sports specific Pilates program is developed for each client under the guidance of our sports physiotherapist. The physical activity and the muscular strength involved in each sport is different and so the goals of each sportsperson. A thorough physical examination of the sportsperson or athlete is done by our sports physiotherapist so that an effective exercise regime can be planned.