REVIVE PHYSICAL HEALTH & WELLNESS is a brain child of Dr. Jasper David and Dr. Aditi Singh.

Dr.Aditi Singh (PT)
Founder and Managing Partner at REVIVE Multi-speciality Physical Health & Wellness, India.

A Physical Therapist with Masters in Neurology & experience in Physical health care and rehabilitation is also a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor, trained in TORONTO, CANADA (The home base of STOTT PILATES).

Her knowledge of functional biomechanics, anatomy, rehabilitation, Pilates and physical assessment has come from the latest in continuing education courses as well as years of experience (clinical as well as academic) from working with clients at all levels and other health care professionals around the country.

She is a resource person and guest faculty at many prestigious institutions with keen focus on Fitness and Science of Fitness. She has conducted various workshops on 'Pilates' for physiotherapy students and professionals across the country.

At REVIVE Physical Health and Wellness, she takes various group, semi-private and private sessions of Pilates for fitness enthusiasts and individuals seeking health and wellness programs. She also takes Clinical Pilates sessions for her patients suffering from back pain, neck pain, postural dysfunctions, arthritis, post fracture stiffness, post surgical muscular weakness and nerve injuries.

She has special interest in women�s health and has developed many programs combining Physiotherapy and Pilates for antenatal, postnatal, osteoporosis and urinary incontinence- issues specific to women.

The use of a holistic approach with evidence based practice for better care and positive outcomes has been an approach receiving positive feedback from clients across various segments, cultures and geographical boundaries.

Dr. Aditi singh is consummately interested in the science of physical health care and she continues to learn, share, grow and remain a beacon of wellness.


Dr. Jasper David (PT)
Founder, Managing Partner of REVIVE PHYSICAL HEALTH & WELLNESS is an avid promoter of health & wellness with keen interest in the field of Sports.

A Master’s Degree holder in Musculoskeletal & Sports injury rehabilitation is a firm believer in science & evidence based practice.  His 12 and more years of constant focus on improving the field of PT has involved him in hands on clinical practice, academics, health care management and projects involving social causes across difference disciplines.

A trained skill full professional with acumen to assess, manage and treat physical disorders using various physical therapy, manual therapy techniques have gained him the respect and adoration from his clients and patients with various musculoskeletal disorders.

An entrepreneur with a vision to provide quality service to address the needs of today and tomorrow is a philanthropist constantly seeking ways and means to contribute for a better world.


Dr. Sonal Kushwaha (PT)
Promoter & Clinical In charge at REVIVE Multi-speciality Physical Health & Wellness, India.

Dr. Sonal has a passion for research in physiotherapy and is always up to date with the recent trends and practices in the field. She is a qualified physiotherapist, holds masters degree in the field of neuro- rehabilitation from RGUHS and is a member of the Indian Association of Physiotherapists.

She is an organised and compassionate physio who believes that hard work, dedication and perseverance are the keys to physiotherapy practice. A promoter of REVIVE is an experienced physiotherapist who shares special interest in pediatrics, neurology and musculoskeletal rehabilitation.