Pilates for weight management

A good weight management program consists of aerobic activities, strength training, diet management and appropriate life style changes. Pilates is a very efficient form of strength training which allows you to use your own body weight as resistance and work against it.

As it focuses on core and posture which gives you a leaner look by emphasising on length and good alignment.

Pilates also creates long and lean arms and legs without adding bulk to muscles.

Like any workout routine, Pilates burns calorie. The amount of calories burn depends on body type and level of exertion.
Pilates is one the best exercise form which tones and sculpt the body, giving it a trimmer and tonner look.

Pilates can be combined with aerobic training or cardio exercises to increase the effectiveness of weight management program.

Deep and efficient respiration of Pilates helps in calorie burn and tissue regeneration.