Pink Pilates- Pilates for breast cancer survivors

Pilates exercise regime has a scientific and therapeutic approach which makes it very useful in the rehabilitation of a breast cancer survivor. Pink Pilates is a Pilates routine specifically designed for breast cancer survivors who are in the phase of recovery. This exercise routine focuses on improving the strength of core muscles of body, correcting the postural alignment, increasing shoulder mobility with appropriate scapular stabilization, promoting strength and flexibility of shoulder, chest, upper back, lower back and abdominal muscles. These exercises are simple yet very effective and help in increasing body image and posture of the patient. It also deepens mind body connection in the form of deep breathing techniques which helps in relaxation and recovery. Pink Pilates helps a woman to regain the mobility, strength and flexibility of the areas affected by breast cancer allowing her to resume daily activities in a more positive way.

These Pilates sessions are individual sessions, customised to the needs of each and every client with required modifications.

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