Revive's pink ribbon program

The REVIVE Pink Ribbon program is specifically designed for women who have undergone breast cancer surgery and are in the post-operative rehabilitation phase.

The purpose of this program is to speed up recovery, reduce pain, and assist in resuming day-to-day activities as quickly as possible.

Our program is dedicated to improving the quality of life of a breast cancer survivor. 

This program includes a combination of Physiotherapy, Pilates and Nutrition Counselling, which allows overall rehabilitation. Physiotherapy has been recommended to improve the physical recovery of women after breast cancer surgery.  Pilates is the most recent exercise routine that has proven to be effective for women who survived breast cancer.

REVIVE’s Pink Ribbon Program helps in

  • Restoring confidence
  • Pain management by means of physiotherapeutic modalities.
  • Assisting in lymphatic drainage of the affected breast, shoulder and arm towards unaffected lymph nodes.
  • Regaining strength of shoulder, chest and upper back muscles and building endurance of abdominal, lower back, hip and thigh muscles.
  • Increasing flexibility of muscles around affected shoulder girdle, chest and back which increases joint mobility and reduces stiffness.
  • Teaching effective breathing techniques which promote lymphatic drainage and help in releasing chest congestion.
  • Improving posture and controlling weight.
  • Promoting relaxation, improving sleep and reducing fatigue.
  • Improving energy levels and reducing anxiety and depression.
  • Enhancing well-being