Pilates for Kids

At REVIVE we believes that development of physical health and wellness start at an early age, hence we have a program for kids, teens and youth. Our Pilates kids program is a physical and mental exercise program which helps the children to improve their concentration and mental focus required in education, sports and other extracurricular activities.

Children of today's world live a stressful life sharing time with busy schedule of parents, school, tuition, various competitions, video games and malls which to a large extent adds to stresses visually unseen, but effects noticeable as they grow! Practicing Pilates helps counter these pressures and help them understand their own body by increasing body awareness and promoting relaxation.

Each session is creative and fun-filled with colorful props, stretching and strengthening animal poses and lots of giggles. Kids have the opportunity to exchange their knowledge, make a new set of friends and share good times so that at the end of each session they feel, happy, rejuvenated and relaxed.

Benefits of Pilates for kids and youth

  • Along with having fun with Pilates it helps children to know their own self by increasing their body’s awareness in space.
  • It is a smart way of getting kids and teens to participate in exercise. It helps children to understand their posture, body’s function, feel and looks.
  • Pilates can be done by athletic as well as non-athletic child. In both the cases approach to carry out Pilates sessions will be different.
  • It is an ideal add-on activity for teens and youth who participate in football, cricket, swimming, tennis, badminton, golf, basketball, skating or any other sport.
  • It helps prevent injuries during any sport, making the muscle stronger, more flexible and increases muscular balance and coordination.