Physiotherapy at Revive

Physiotherapy at REVIVE is offered from the most knowledgeable, educated and specialised therapist experienced in various disciplines including Orthopaedics, sports, neurology, paediatric, gynaecology, geriatric and many more.. Our therapist offer one to one care for conditions addressed under physiotherapy.

Our services include physiotherapy and rehabilitation by licensed therapists (registered under IAP) who are selected by the Management under stringent polices that dictate higher standards of education, practical knowledge, patient care skills and discipline in attending to conditions at different stages of intervention.

Our strength lies in the years of experience of the management & advisory board that has added to the maturity of the organisation in understanding key skills required to attend and address the needs of today and to be prepared for demands of tomorrow. Our International support panellist & scientific teams are located in various parts of the world offering and sharing recent trends and protocols in treatment of acute to chronic conditions.

Our approach is practical and based on a key principle of Evidence based practice. We firmly believe in using treatment methodology that has evidence and research to back the protocol used in treating our clients and patients. Regular updates and enhancement of skills form the backbone of quality health care.

The management addresses key requirement to provide quality health care, like regular training, group discussion, patient record maintenance, multi-level Physical therapy intervention, supervision under the guidance of a senior therapist and management.

The equipments used in treatment include sophisticated modalities imported from various parts of the world and few procured from the domestic manufacturers.  These modalities are used for various conditions including pain management and rehabilitation.

We provide Physiotherapy in various parts of Bangalore under REVIVE PHYSIOTHERAPY & REVIVE PHYSICAL HEALTH & WELLNESS banners. Our main center is located in Jayanagar 9th Block and we also provide HOME PHYSIOTHERAPY SERIVICES in Jayanagar, BTM Layout, Bannerghat Road, JP Nagar, Koramangla, Indira Nagar, Banashankri and Basavangudi.

We provide Physiotherapy home services in all parts of Bangalore.

Beware of imitations! Watch out for the logo. For all purposes, call +91 9886146260

At REVIVE, we customize our treatment programs for each client as we understand that no two individuals are the same, and that they differ in physical health, level of pain perception, body’s healing mechanisms, family background, and awareness of body in space.

Before planning a treatment-protocol for a patient we conduct a thorough clinical assessment and examination of the patient.

Our professionally and skilled physiotherapists practice hands-on treatment techniques like spinal and peripheral
joint mobilisation- (Maitland’s technique and Mulligan’s technique),  Muscle Energy Technique, PNF (Peripheral Neuromusculoskeletal technique), Neural Tissue Mobilisation, various muscle manipulation manoeuvre and taping techniques with various forms of active and core stability exercises (STOTT PILATES) to treat various joint and soft tissue related pathologies.

We use various electrical modalities like LASER, IFT, Russian current, Diadynamic current, TENS, Ultrasound therapy, Muscle stimulator, Paraffin Wax therapy, Cervical & Lumbar traction as an add-on for the treatment of various conditions.
Therapeutic exercises form the basis of physiotherapy treatment and these are structured by our physiotherapists according to the condition of the patients, keeping in mind the relative indications and contra-indications.

We also aim to promote awareness about the role and importance of physiotherapy among different sections of the society, so that general public may intelligently differentiate between qualified physiotherapists and quacks.