Pilates at Revive

REVIVE follows the STOTT PILATES principles and exercise regime. A scientific method using human bio-
mechanics and exercise physiology is designed to offer maximum efficiency with minimal effort.

Fit or not, lean or obese, young or old - Pilates is adaptable for all ages, shapes and fitness level.

Pilates has many benefits over other forms of fitness methods:

  • It helps in correction of Posture.
  • Develops core strength.
  • Improves overall strength and endurance of body.
  • Increases flexibility of muscles.
  • Increases body awareness.
  • Helps in gaining long lean muscles without adding bulk to it.
  • Creates an evenly conditioned body, improves athletic performance and helps prevents injuries.
  • A refreshing mind-body workout, a stress buster offering relaxation.
  • An effective form of fitness regime beneficial for Dancers, athletes and golfers.

Pilates 1-2-1 session

These are sessions where one instructor trains one student / client.
The sessions are customised and planned to provide student / client a program that best addresses musculoskeletal, postural, health and fitness problem.
REVIVE principles and exercise techniques are scientific in nature and help achieve the desires goals. Each session is specific to each client offering exercises without a competitive environment.

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Pilates group session

REVIVE offers group sessions that are floor based and performed on mat. The mat work exercise uses one's body weight as resistance to increase strength, endurance and core stability.

A variety of light equipments like flex band (thera band), stability balls and toning balls are included in intermediate and advanced session. These light equipments add more variety, challenge and fun to the classes which provides more strength and flexibility.

Each group consists of 4- 7 participants.

Levels of mat work:
Essential level:

This level is great for individuals who are new to STOTT PILATES. The program includes the 5 basic principles, warm up and fundamental mat work exercises etc. It also gives a chance to understand the body, its strength weakness, flexibility and other parameters essential of physical health.

Intermediate level:
The intermediate level is for clients familiar with the basics (essential level) of Pilates.This level has a more complex series of movements requiring more strength, coordination, balance and stabilization.

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