Prenatal and postnatal physiotherapy

The branch of physiotherapy which deals with pregnancy induced pains and aches, postural mal- alignment, breathing problems and issues related to child birth and beyond are covered under Prenatal Physiotherapy.

Prenatal physiotherapy helps pregnant women in managing their pains and aches, corrects posture, helps them to relax and prepares them for child birth. There are many physical changes in a pregnant body like changes in centre of gravity, increase in pressure on the organs, increase in body weight, swelling at ankles or wrist, back pain and urinary incontinence. These problems can be very efficiently managed by physiotherapy.

On your first visit at REVIVE, you will be assessed first and then the treatment is planned accordingly. This will also include educating you on the do’s and don’ts at various stages of pregnancy.

Physiotherapy exercises have been proved to be safe and effective to decrease back pain, pelvic pain, postural abnormalities and urinary incontinence throughout pregnancy and post- partum.

Post natal physiotherapy includes management of pains and aches after child birth. The main focus is given on bed mobility, back care, education on lactation, postural re- education, lifting techniques, pelvic floor and abdominal strengthening exercises.