About Us

With the advent of technology and modern advances in Science and Health, there is a rapidly growing perception among the specialists/practitioners as well as the general public that the treatment of aches and pains warrant new and different approaches.

At REVIVE, we not only understand this demand but we also know how to design programs specific to the needs of our clients.
Our treatment at REVIVE revolves around the following principles:

At REVIVE, we enthusiastically persist to provide you with utmost care and regard. No problem of yours is too small for us - we determinedly pay equal attention to minute physical ailments, aches and pains and other suppressed health-related problems.

Our team of experts have a formidable collective knowledge of 50 years with commendable expertise in every field of physical health.
We reasoned that a logical extension of good physical therapy is a commanding physical health, and hence at REVIVE we also provide fitness and exercise-based programs for General Wellness.

We conduct both Personal and Group Sessions for Yoga, Pilates, Nutrition, Pre- and Post-Natal Care as well as open workshops for children.
We believe in creating awareness; toward this we facilitate education and re-education programs on the importance of good health, not only for individuals but for the society at large.