Pilates for fitness and health

It is a unique system of exercise which focuses on core muscles, teaches a way to use the body in a proper alignment and corrects muscular imbalances.

Pilates is a famous exercise and fitness program which is very popular among many celebrities around the world who have adapted and followed this regime to build and maintain their fitness levels to gain thin, lean and healthy figures.

Pilates is a refreshing mind-body workout that promotes relaxation. It involves a specific breathing that allows oxygenation of body tissues and organs makes you feel more energized and rejuvenated.

It helps in gaining toned, elongated and lean muscles without adding bulk to it and develops muscular strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination and balance and increases over all stamina of body.

Good posture, strong core, effective breathing and balanced body prevent many injuries and mechanical aches and pains in the body, increase work efficiency, promote happiness in day to day activity and also enable you to cherish your favourite sport.