For 21 years I have been a fitness freak, running and gymming regularly. But when menopause happened, it brought with it its own set of problems, the most nagging being, acute knee pain. An incompetent physiotherapist worsened my knees and caused a condition called bursitis, wherein both my knees swelled up and I was grounded for a couple of months. This was some time last year. It was during this time that I also noticed that despite working out religiously for so many years, my body had become well-toned but stiff and inflexible. In May last year, I met Aditi at Revive and enrolled for the Pilates program. You can judge for yourself how wonderfully my life has changed since then because last October I went on a trek to Kailash Manas Sarovar and hugely enjoyed myself. I do believe that if I didn't have breathing issues at those altitudes (18500 ft!) and didn't have any aches and pains after such an arduous trek (where even 20 and 30-somethings struggled), it was because of Pilates. Since then, I have become a convert and have done a number of treks and climbs. All this, has given me so much confidence that I have started to train to go to Everest base camp in 2014! Aditi is a wonderful trainer, and it's hard to believe there's a Hitler hidden in such a petite body! Thank you Aditi for transforming my life!

Nandini Vaidyanathan,
Founder and Mentor, CARMa Venture Services

I went to Revive after I slipped and fell at home. There was a dull pain in my lower back, which did not go away with rest and it persisted even though the x-rays didn’t suggest anything was wrong. Aditi and her team at Revive really helped relieve the pain and strengthen my back. I went through two weeks of physiotherapy and exercises and my back is now much better. Everyone at Revive is knowledgeable, friendly and the atmosphere of the clinic is a positive one. I really like how Aditi still calls to check on how I am feeling every once in a while. That kind of personalized care is difficult to find. I wish them the very best.

Susheela Krishnamurthi

I suggest that everyone should enrol for Pilates at REVIVE as it enhances fitness, reduces mental stress and depression. The overall quality of services provided at REVIVE are excellent and very effective. The therapists are knowledgeable; they listen to your problems and offer the right advice and support.

Wajid Khan, GE Energy Infrastructure Project Admin/Finance Manager, Dubai

I thought I was fit and strong until I joined Pilates 1 year ago. I joined Pilates essentially to strengthen my core but what I’ve realized since then is that I have lost a few inches and even improved my posture. Aditi gives us a new set of challenges every month and puts a lot of emphasis on breathing and working on the core muscles. My back and neck are stronger now and it is all thanks to my workout. Not to forget, greater endurance and an increased sense of flexibility. The studio is welcoming and relaxing and I recommend Pilates @ REVIVE to everyone at every level.

Sarvanan Sivakumar,
Wipro, Bangalore

I have been coming for the group Pilates classes with Aditi for the few months now and it’s been absolutely fantastic. Aditi is a gifted and patient teacher with a key sense of what each individual in the class needs. I’ve found that she pitches the class at exactly the right level of challenge for us so I leave every class feeling like I have pushed myself but also feeling fresh and relaxed. I have a low back and neck problem, both of which have gotten significantly better since I started working with Aditi. I would unreservedly recommend her Pilates classes to anyone.

Sunitha Krishnamurthy
Navgati, Bangalore

When I came to REVIVE last year, I was suffering from the after effects of a bad fall where I had suffered a blunt injury to the left side of my hip. I was unable to walk for more than a few minutes without my left leg dragging and feeling a severe pain in the hip area. I consulted with Aditi and Jasper and was put on a regimen of physiotherapy to reduce the pain. After I was sufficiently stronger, I started one on one Pilates sessions with Aditi. The benefits of Pilates have been tremendous. During these sessions, Aditi observed my leg and abdominal muscles were very weak and we have been focussing on improving strength in them since then. Today, I can confidently say my condition has improved tremendously. I am now able to walk for more than an hour without feeling any discomfort. I recommend Pilates for all women at my age because it is extremely beneficial with none of the strains and injuries associated with vigorous exercise. I have now joined the group classes and I continue to improve my core strength.

Mrs. Kamala Sharma

Friendly therapists, good treatment, and a totally satisfied client! At Revive, they take excellent care of all of their patients. This is definitely one of the best physiotherapy centres in Bangalore, especially for women.

K. L. Anusha, Student   

I was desperately trying to explore the way to undergo a good and proper treatment for lymph oedema of my right arm. With the help of Just Dial, I was successful in my attempt of locating various physiotherapists. I visited some centres too. Among them I opted “REVIVE Physical Health and Wellness” because the very approach was different. Dr. Aditi was very encouraging.

After a thorough check up physiotherapy treatment was started for me on March 15th 2013. I am very happy with the treatment given and it has so far yielded good result and I hope to get better with the immense help of my physiotherapist who is a super healer. My doctor who has operated on me is also very satisfied with the result and has given me permission to go for a vacation which I was postponing for a long time.

I would like to specially mention here that I am not only impressed about their approach but also the personal care, precise treatment and overall development of the patient is taken care off.

Mrs. Mohana Doiraswamy,

"Revive as the name very much says RECOVER". This health & wellness centre is magical. The couple Dr. Jasper & Dr. Aditi with all their Expertise & knowledge in the field of Physiotherapy, puts their time and effort to help you recover. They have helped people from all sectors to overcome their pain and lead a pain-free life.

"For 4 years on & off I suffered with lower back pain due to a condition repeatedly misdiagnosed and mistreated. And it reached a stage where I was bedridden and suffering from chronic pain. It was on 1st of January 2013, I consulted Dr. Aditi, a lady with beautiful smile and with warmth and assurance that you will get well. Dr. Aditi & Dr. Jasper figured out that I was suffering constant pain at SI joint due to an accident 4 years back which was radiating to legs as well. They planned various levels of treatments & exercises assessing my condition on a daily basis. This combination of treatment and exercises helped me to overcome my chronic pain and made me fit to take up a new job in Mumbai within a span of one month.

"This wellness center offers skilled, respectful and comprehensive approach with every encounter. Communication is ever-present, with excellent staff immediately and patiently addressing questions and concerns as they arise. Every patient has received excellent clinical care, genuine compassion and interest in our well-being."

Dr. Jasper & Dr. Aditi are a testament and are great contributors for this field of Physiotherapy. My words are heartfelt, yet fall short of what I wish I could describe."

- Tabassum Sultana, FedEx Express Europe, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent & Africa

The physiotherapy service provided to my wife at REVIVE was excellent. I would like to thank the entire team of REVIVE for taking the extra effort to treat my wife with utmost care and for teaching her exercises with a lot of patience. These will certainly be helpful in the future. Our best wishes to Revive.  

Mr. Auti Gurling Shantirappa,
Latur, Maharashtra

At REVIVE, the physiotherapy treatment was very good. The quality of service provided by therapists was excellent. The therapists are very knowledgeable and very professional.

Mrs. Chandra Kanta
Bulandshahar, UP